|v a n i n a v i n c e n t|


A unique fusion of styles guided by femininity. Born in Argentina and raised in Italy, she carries her roots with her on stage and in the recording studio. Fusing Argentine pop influences with rhythmic Northern European electronics, Vanina Vincent creates a unique tapestry of voice, guitar and percussion at each show, using loops and acoustic instruments, bringing her audience to their feet. Her lively and dynamic performances transport the audiences between an ambient and tribal sound suitable for listening and dancing mood. She has lived the last 10 years, as a nomadic traveling artist moving between Europe and South America. During this time she has explored musical scenes of both continents and been swayed by the culture inspirations incorporating them into her musical show. Vanina Vincent loves to get in touch with local artists by commissioning a unique crown made by these artisans. Each crown is proudly worn during her performances with the purpose to symbolise body empowerment and individual freedom. Her debut album "BLOom" (2020), was well received by Italian and European critics. BLOom has been enriched by the birth of an interdisciplinary art project entitled "Enciende el Color de la Musica" (Turn on the color of music). Enciende el color de la Musica involved 8 artists of different nationalities to create original works inspired by listening to BLOom. Thus creating a unique experimental dialogue and artistic interpretation between music and painting. Autumn of 2022 Vanina Vincent released the EP "VIBRANTE", published by Elastico Records (Bologna/IT), arriving with her music in the realm of electronics and free sound experimentation. Vanina Vincent is TOURING in Europe during 2024 and continues to spread inspiration to connect with the gifts that everyone possesses, inviting us to listen to ourselves and to manifest ourselves with creativity and beauty.

"(..)VIBRANTE is by right one of the most deserving and interesting works among those proposed in times sadly lacking in meaning and content, and it does so without any fear of consolidating the importance of freedom of expression as the only bulwark to reemerge from a standardized and depersonalizing collective torpor..." - Rockit