|v a n i n a v i n c e n t|


Invoca todo lo que da COLOR a la vida recordando la BELLEZA que se enciende cuando cada ser se dedica a hacer FLORECER su alma.
Invoca tutto ciò che dona colore alla vita richiamando la bellezza che si accende quando ogni essere si dedica a far fiorire la propria anima.
Invokes everything that gives color to life by recalling the beauty that lights up when every being is dedicated to making their soul flourish.

Editing - Bianca Turner
Idea - Vanina Vincent & Bianca Turner
Styling - Amapola Franchini
Filmed - Chris Piotrowicz & Vanina Vincent
Label - Elastico Records
EP - Vibrante 2022

Vera - About Female Freedom

Saving our freedom as human beings ... as women ... is the key to active creativity that lies at the heart of my proposal. To be as we want to be. Generating connections, circles, supporting the magic of the spontaneous, the intuitive, the profound. Dance as we want to dance. Creating projects that awaken and enhance our ways of being in the world. Sing as we want to sing. High, sincere and wild let our voices rise to the moon and beyond.

| V E R A | and the history behind - credits:
SERA THOMSEN | VIDEOMAKER Photograph - Artist - Video Maker - Wool Maker (Aries asc. Escorpio)
CLELIA PLOTEGHER | DANCER Dancer -Traveller - Natur Lover - Languages Passion - Yoga Lover (Aries asc. Escorpio / Luna en Acuario)
SILVIA De NICOLA | DANCER Dancer - Psychologist - Yogini - Spiritual Researcher - Traveler - Dreamer - Nature lover (Capricornio / Luna en Cancer)
AMAPOLA FRANCHINI | DANCER Dancer - Mother - Yoga Teacher - Craftswoman (Acuario / Luna en Geminis)
EDITING : www.quierovale4.com